The answer is simple, once you put data in the Cloud – you lose traditional perimeter protection. Your Outlook, SharePoint, or Teams are accessible from any place in the world, an attacker does not have to get past your firewall – stealing your credentials is sufficient. Businesses can impose desired security settings on a laptop or a phone – password complexity, mandatory encryption, and more. 

MDM also enables businesses to differentiate between a company-owned device and non-company owned device and depending on this – the user will get a different treatment.

Example: when accessing a company SharePoint site – let the user right in when accessing from a company device, otherwise – ask for additional authentication (known as Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)). 

Another common use for MDM – enforcing business ownership of a company’s device – making a laptop or phone usable only for a person who has a valid Office 365 account. It has been known to be a very difficult task for any business to collect a phone or a laptop from a former employee after terminating a business relationship. Microsoft Intune can solve this problem. 

These are just a few scenarios of Intune usability. Connect with us to learn more.


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