Spherium has a variety of ways to engage in your venture. We can plan, architect, develop or assist your success. Throughout the journey of our existence, we have helped many entrepreneurial minds to materialize and present their ideas to the world. Whether your venture is still just an idea or you are in the middle of a mature development process – we can help! Here’s what we have practiced and mastered:







Recent Projects


Portal website implementation

API connection work between Accelo and Guru apps

Mobile app implementation with a full back-end support

O365 app build out using PowerApps

Connecting Accelo with N-Central via API


Intune implementation GPO Templates design and implementation

Active Directory migration

SSO migration from ADFS to Azure

GPO Templates export/import automation project

Domain clean up for corrupted GPOs


Enterprise Mobility Suite - Intune



We Know
We are successful because we are so lucky to make living on what would have been our hobby otherwise. Absolute obsession with anything that has to do with technology is an absolute must in our group. Obsession, paired with experience and keen attention to detail is what makes us powerful.
We Care
We are well aware of the high-paced competitive and demanding nature of eCommerce, which is why we make our priority to put a stake in your success, going the extra mile to assure a timely and successful launch is what we are about. There’s nothing more satisfying for us than seeing our clients succeed in their passions.
We Listen
Being on both side of the fence – clients and providers we formed a strong vision of what is the most valuable consulting services. That’s why we are not looking to sell you boil-plated solutions or blind you with the buzz words or provide you with an over-kill solution that in reality adds little value to your business. That’s why we listen before we talk. We are geared to form long term valuable relationships and strive to become your trusted advisors.
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Spherium is a group of devoted technology enthusiasts. We bring deep, functional expertise, and are also known for our holistic perspective. Employing the greatest talent and riding on the cutting-edge of technology element – we are that supercharged engine that enables your vision to become reality. 


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